Candidate Statement

I am running as a candidate for the Menlo Park City School District Board because I believe a good education system is the foundation of a flourishing community and pivotal point for any child. As a resident of Menlo Park for 10 years and a parent, I am invested in our public schools. I am the product of a K-12 public school system from a university town in Ohio and come from a family of educators.

As a Board Member and Co-President of Menlo Park Atherton Education Foundation (MPAEF), I have witnessed first hand the complex challenge our district faces in continuing to design and deliver educational excellence while effectively managing our resources during this period of growth. I believe we have to be fiscally responsible while, at the same time, investing in the hiring and development of top teachers. I truly believe I have the right experience to work with the rest of the board and school teams to successfully address this challenge. In addition to my time on the MPAEF Board, I have spent 20 years as a business strategist and operator in the consumer internet, payments, and commerce space. I received my B.S. at Case Western Reserve University and my M.B.A at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.


In my role as MPAEF Co-President, I have had the opportunity to learn about our education system, community, and schools. As a board, we worked towards prudent financial health while investing in strategic initiatives. As your school board member, I will bring:

a) strategic vision and understanding of complex organizations.
b) continued focus on educational excellence as our district experiences growth.
c) rigorous fiscal discipline.
d) community relations and transparency in reporting.
e) and mostly, a passion for and belief in children, education, and the ability of every child to chart their own destiny empowered with educational excellence.

I would be honored to have your vote to make a positive difference.

Please support my campaign and vote for me on November 8, 2016. Thank you.

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